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Letter from Fr.Jim


Dear Parishioners,

Re: Coronavirus


I never thought for one moment when I was advising you to stay away from Mass if you develop a cough or ‘cold-like’ symptoms that I would be among the first having to follow my own advice! I am 99% certain that I do not have the Coronavirus, but with the possibility of so many viruses ‘air-born’ I am erring on the side of caution. I would like to stress that I am fine – no need for any panic on my part.


As you will see from the Press Release, the Bishops of England & Wales have decided to suspend all public Masses and services in our churches until further notice. This weekend I will celebrate two Masses, Saturday at 4.30pm & Sunday at 11.00am – these Masses will be streamed live and whilst a streamed Mass can never replace one’s attendance at Mass, we have to use whatever means we have to make the Mass accessible to all. Please join me for these Masses this weekend.


Some parishioners have been very kind and thoughtful by offering to collect shopping, prescriptions for anyone self-isolating or unable to go to the shops for themselves. In Spalding you can contact me by phone: 01775 722056 option ‘2’, 07960 890088 or by email: fr.jim@stnorberts.org.uk ; In Holbeach, Tony, (07983 507761) & Sarah Bright-Phillips, (07947 762114) . We also encourage parishioners to keep in touch with one another, and let me know if a visit is needed.


Concerning liturgy, the reception of the Eucharist, taking communion to the sick and housebound, the Sacrament of the Sick…By order of the Bishops, Mass will be celebrated in private, but churches will be open at other times for private prayer.


Eucharistic Ministers: Some Eucharistic Ministers may feel anxious about their own health, and if they wish, they are invited to stand down from their ministry until further notice. Please inform me if you wish to step down with immediate effect or at any time in the future. Those who continue to take communion to the sick, please remember to wash or sanitise your hands thoroughly before, during and after the administration of the Sacrament. Please note that some nursing and care homes will not allow you to bring the communion to the sick, always respect the decision of the home. It is also good practice to contact the housebound before your visit in case they decide not to admit visitors to their home. What might be useful at this time is to remain in contact with those you visit by the occasional phone call to ensure that they are OK.


As priests we have been given instructions as to how we are to distribute Holy Communion and administer the Sacrament of the Sick when required.


I would like to remind you that we do stream daily Mass from St. Norbert’s, Spalding every day – please return to the website for times and for updates. I will attempt to produce a weekly bulletin in place of the weekly newsletter until further notice.


To watch the live stream: Visit the parish website,    


Select ‘Live from the Church’.

Click the blue banner across the screen.


Assuring you and your families of special remembrance in my prayers at this time.


God bless,


Fr. Jim


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