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For the moment, churches are allowed to remain open, but it is strongly advised that people should avoid gathering in large crowds.


Remember, if others are in church with you, to distance yourselves; and there is a new request that we remain absolutely silent in church, so we cannot recite the Rosary together or any other devotion – and that request is made of priests too. Obviously it is perfectly alright to celebrate the Mass or lead other devotions when those occasions are being streamed over the Internet and the church is closed to the public.


If you would like to lead a devotion that can be streamed, please let me know and I will be happy to discuss it with you.


If anyone would like to prepare the Prayers of the Faithful for next weekend’s Mass, let me know. I also welcome your own intentions, but please make clear to me if you wish for me to announce any intentions in public, or whether you wish for them to remain private.


In case you missed the announcement I made at today’s Mass, Walsingham is now streaming live 24/7 – all through the night, they are holding adoration of the Blessed Sacrament. If you come across any interesting websites, resources – let us know.


Watching the latest broadcast from Downing Street, it looks as if tougher measures are going to be enforced in the coming days, I urge everyone to heed any directives given and, please keep safe.


Finally, I thank everyone who has been in touch with me by phone, email and text…thank you for your concern for me, the offers of help (which I may have to accept), your words of encouragement and your prayers. Please forgive me if I haven’t acknowledged you yet, there have been so many I think the best way to stay in touch with you will be through our websites, live streams, and What’s App/text. I promise you, you are all in my prayers; your intentions are at the heart of every Mass I celebrate.


May the Lord continue to bless us and keep us from all harm.


With much love and gratitude,


Fr. Jim

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