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Due to the Corona Virus Pandemic our Churches have been hit hard by a lack of income and we have been thinking of ways in which this can, to a degree, be prevented in the future. All contributions made by parishioners are very much appreciated at any time, but the generosity of those of you who have continued to give via Online Banking and Standing Order, during this difficult time, has been valued greatly.

Many parishioners contribute through Planned Giving Envelopes or loose plate and we are asking you, if your circumstances allow, to re-consider your way of giving and use either Online Banking or, if you are not online, the paper standing order method. The advantages to this are:

• Usually free of charge for both payer and payee
• Quick and easy to set up
• Useful for making recurring contributions
• Helps the Parish to have a reliable income each month to assist in forward planning
• You can increase or decrease your offering at any time by contacting your bank
• Less cash handling within the parish
• Increased security as less cash being kept on Church premises and being taken to the bank

ONLINE BANKING – Standing Order set up

If you have internet access and your bank account is online setting up your standing order is much simpler, and you would need only to include the parish bank details (these details can be obtained from your Parish Priest or Parish Office) and reference z (followed by your surname and first initial) alongside your own details.
If you do not have access to Online Banking but you still wish to contribute by standing order, please either collect a Standing Order Form from the back of Church or from your Parish Office and:

• Complete the form in full
• Include the parish bank details - if they are not already included on the form - (this information can be obtained from the parish priest or parish office)
• Include the reference: z (followed by your surname and first initial)
• Let your Parish Priest/Parish Administrator have a copy for parish use
• Take to your bank


Please also remember if you are a taxpayer gift aid can be claimed from your donations e.g.: If you donate £20.00 per month this would become £25.00 at no extra cost to yourself. If you wish to do this there are Gift Aid Declaration Forms attached to the standing order forms, or to request one online please email: parish.giftaid@dioceseofnottingham.uk Once the form is completed please return to the Gift Aid Office, NRCDT Willson House, Derby Road, Nottingham. NG1 5AW or you can scan in the form and email to parish.giftaid@dioceseofnottingham.uk your declaration can then be included on the system and going forward all your donations, once submitted to HMRC, can receive gift aid. The gift aid office will advise all parishes of any new declarations received, so their records are kept up to date.

For the purposes or setting up a regular gift via your online banking, the parish bank details for Spalding are:
Account number: 00175873
Sort code: 30-97-95

For Holbeach:
Account number: 00672796
Sort code: 30-97-95

Please put your name (e.g. D SMITH) in the payment reference so we know the gift is from you. This is particularly important if we have a signed gift aid mandate from you. If you normally use numbered gift aid envelopes you should quote your envelope number as the payment reference (so D SMITH, the holder of envelope 19, would quote D SMITH ENV 19).

Gift Aid Envelopes: A number of you have been asking for your new envelopes and some of you have had your envelopes delivered – thank you.

Holbeach parishioners can contact Chris Radziun-Woodham or myself. New envelopes are now ready to be collected or delivered.

New on-line Donation Portal

The Diocese have informed us that it has recently signed up to Liberty Pay – an online donation platform. This platform will enable people to make one off donations to any Parish in our Diocese and 4 pre-selected central funds (Sick and Retired Priest Fund, CV19 Recovery Fund, Enabling Mission Fund and Poor and Needy Parish Fund). Over the coming days, a ‘donate button’ will be added to the Diocesan website. Once this is in place, the Diocese will send out further information about how payments can be made and how funds will be transferred to the Parish. If you have any questions or queries, please contact Dixie (in Spalding) or Chris (in Holbeach) who will look into the matter on your behalf.

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